R.C. Náutico de Castellón


ricardo cavolo

Ricardo Cavolo, the world-renowned artist, will be in charge of bringing SOM’s visual universe to life for our 2023 edition.

Ricardo Cavolo’s art is internationally recognized for the development of complex narratives. Pictorial expressions that revolve around stories, characters, and the passing of time. His eclectic style has a number of different influences. From folk and tribal art to tattoo culture, both traditional and modern, and European religious imagery. For Cavolo there are no limits to what is represented or how. He has therefore developed his work in different and multiple formats: mural paintings, pyrography, graphic design, etc.

Thanks to this collaboration, and through his characteristic vision of the world loaded with symbolism and vibrant colors that captivate, Cavolo will represent the most important icons of the culture and tradition of Castellón.