Gastronomy has always been an important part of our proposal. But for the 2023 edition, we wanted to go one step further and expand our horizons. We have created a new gastronomic area. Far from the usual food trucks, this space offers the public a unique culinary experience: the opportunity to enjoy four pop-up restaurants from the best national establishments, including several awarded with Michelin Stars. Each restaurant offers a tasting of two dishes, including vegan and gluten-free options. Additionally, there is an Oyster Corner where various French oysters can be enjoyed, as well as a ham cutter.

The Atalaya Restaurant (Alcossebre – 1 Michelin Star and 1 Repsol Sun) was our first confirmation. Chefs Alejandra Herrador and Emanuel Carlucci both worked at Martin Berasategui’s three-starred Lasarte and later decided to open Atalaya together in 2014. Their creations are based on local and seasonal products. They offer a modern and creative cuisine that knows how to take care of presentations, work with textures, and skillfully combine all the ingredients. The two bites they present at SOM are Country, a slow-cooked and glazed pork jowl sandwich with Hoisin sauce, and Folk, a vegetable protein taco with avocado, pico de gallo dressing, and cilantro.

There is also the Cal Paradis Restaurant (Vall D’Alba – 1 Michelin Star and 2 Repsol Suns). Chef Miguel Barrera was born into a hospitality family, trained at the Castellón School of Hospitality, and in 2004, along with his wife Ángela Ribes, transformed the family business into what is now the oldest high-end restaurant in the province. His cuisine is based on local vegetables, fish from the province’s fish markets, meats from Maestrat, and delicacies such as truffles, mushrooms, rice dishes, and stews that evoke a past brought up to date in his kitchen. The two bites they present at SOM are Bachata, a braised beef cheek brioche with homemade barbecue sauce and honey mayonnaise, and Pop, a Castellón anchovy torraeta on crystal bread with garlic and paprika.

The Alessandro Maino Restaurant (Castellón – Michelin Guide and Repsol Guide Recommended) is another participant. Chef Alessandro Maino and his partner Nadia Solsona met while working at the Hotel Ritz in Paris. The Covid-19 pandemic led them to seek refuge in Castellón and decide to open their own establishment in Nadia’s hometown. Their cuisine is a neoclassical blend of their three life and professional experiences in France, Italy, and Spain, with a predominance of fish and pasta, especially their pizzas. The two bites they present at SOM are Tarantella, a bio pizza with Vesuvius tomatoes, mozzarella, and pecorino cheese, and Funky, a bio pizza with chocolate, caramel, and colorful chocolate flakes.

And finally, the 5 Gustos Restaurant (Valladolid – Michelin Guide Recommended and Repsol Guide). Chef Palmira Solera, originally from Castellón, trained at Grupo Peñalen, but personal circumstances led her to establish herself in Valladolid. First at the restaurant of the Abadia Retuerta winery, and for the past 7 years, in the city center of Valladolid. She practices innovative and highly creative cuisine, both in preparation and presentation, strongly influenced by her roots and combined with her current environment. Palmira is a regular participant in Spain’s most prestigious tapas competition, where she emerged as the winner in 2017 and 2022. The two bites she presents at SOM are Soul, a tikka masala lamb pita bread; and Rumba, a Valladolid-style popcorn with citrus salad.