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Hurricane Rigoberta Bandini, far from abating, grows stronger on the national scene. With his message songs with double meanings, melancholic tones and happy choruses, he continues his ascending line that started with the hooligan Too Many Drugs, continued with the successful In Spain We Call It Soledad, present in almost all the lists of the best of 2020, and with the immediate danceable hit that he published in 2021 Perra de espíritu rompe-pistas, that of a song that is impossible not to get you dancing and that points to a generational anthem. Likewise, Rigoberta Bandini was one of the great winners in the last edition of the MIN Awards, the Independent Music Awards, obtaining two awards, “Best Emerging Artist” and “Best Song” for her In Spain We Call It Soledad.

The Barcelona composer Rigoberta Bandini, who is also called Paula Ribó when she writes, acts or directs shows, creates songs to celebrate life and find a point of communion between people. «I like the feeling of coming together in vulnerability through music, talking about our weaknesses, our achievements, our smallness in the face of the immensity of the universe, our contradictions, our desire to dance, our desire to scream , of our most absurd fears, of the little control we have over our destiny, of the little things that make us feel great things”, he affirms.

It began at the turn of the century, at the age of nine, wanting to be Marisol. Other artists such as Jeannette, Mocedades, Joan Manel Serrat, Albert Pla, Creedence Clearwater Revival or Roberto Carlos influenced him from the radio cassette player in his parents’ car, as well as the particular musical worldview of the recently deceased Franco Battiato. With these well-spun wickers, Bandini builds artifacts of powerful electronic pop with which he tries to connect with the mysterious, the intangible or the mystical, talking about all those little things that make us feel great.