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Accreditation system

If you want to apply for an accreditation to attend any of our concerts, you can do it easily.

You just have to fill in the form and wait for us to contact you.

If you have any questions or do not know if you fulfill the necessary requirements, you can take a look at our clauses.

Apply for an accreditation

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Accreditation system



It is essential to publish or broadcast prior information about the festival in order to request an accreditation.

Accreditations can only be requested through the press section of At no time will any telephone or email query regarding applications for accreditations be answered.

No freelance will be credited unless they can prove that they work for a consolidated media outlet. All accredited persons must belong to a specific communication outlet.

It is mandatory to respect the limits of the number of accreditations per media outlet which are detailed below. Otherwise, requests that exceed that limit will be denied.

.Accreditation will be requested for each one of the concerts, there is no accreditation that is valid for all of the festival’s concerts. 



In the case of radio stations, blogs and websites, there will be a limit of one accreditation per media outlet.

In the case of written press, there will be a maximum of two accreditations per media, one for the photographer and the other for the editor. Two writers will not be accepted for the same written media outlet.

In the case of televisions, there will be a maximum of three accreditations per media. One of them must be an editor.

The number of photographers allowed by the bands and the Som Festival organization is limited, which means that the organization will be forced to make a selection. The organization will provide quality photographs to the media that are denied photographer accreditation.



The applications accepted by the festival organization will be communicated via email. Said accreditations will be sent online and in a personalized way, indicating name, surname and ID.

However, said accreditation does not guarantee that said photographers or videographers can photograph and / or film all of the performances at the festival, as every artist has their own policy and it is their management who has the last word about what media can photograph and / or film.

The organization will contact each one of the accredited photographers and / or videographers by email a few days in advance to confirm which concerts may be photographed and filmed and which not.



Access: -> Press

The accreditation request form will appear. You have to fill in all the fields. One form must be completed per person. When you have completed it, click SUBMIT.

It is very important that you check the email address that you include in the form on a daily basis. Many of the informative communications to the accredited persons will be made by e-mail.



Accreditations will be collected at the accreditation booth at the Som Festival Castelló venue. Once inside the enclosure, they must contact the press officer to be assisted. To collect the accreditations it is essential that the applicant present their ID or passport.



Press accreditation will not give access to VIP areas, artists’ dressing rooms or exclusive areas for staff.

There will be no accreditations for any vehicles that the press come in.

If any accredited person breaches any of these rules, the organization reserves the right to withdraw their accreditation.