SOM presents Juan Amodeo for one of its nights of humor

Juan Amodeo is a Sevillian comedian, stand-up writer and actor. He has been touring with his shows throughout Spain for more than four years, combining them with his famous sketches on Instagram, accumulating thousands of views, becoming one of the biggest influencers and comedians. His acting and clown studies have enabled him to develop his acting and improvisation skills by creating a unique way of communication.

His characteristic stamp when it comes to making humor, makes him a benchmark and one of the most sought-after comedians, selling out at practically all venues within a few days of his announcement. He also has more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

The Sevillian comedian, Juan Amodeo, premieres the show “El Juicio Final“, after having filled the best theaters across the country with his previous show “La Maquina del Tiempo“. Besides making you laugh, this monologue will make you think. It will help you realize that no matter how much you say you are not, you are also a bad person.

This second confirmation is preceded by Manuel Carrasco and his concert in Castellón, which will be the only concert that the artist will perform in the entire Valencian Community in 2021.

The location  and its surroundings will be endowed with an out-of-the-ordinary production both on stage as well as  in the audience area. SOM will turn each concert into a unique, unforgettable and exclusive experience.  

The venue will be divided into two areas, one with seats assigned and numbered during the purchase process and another  seating area which won’t be numbered but guarantees a  seat for each buyer.  In addition, the event will have an ad hoc prevention plan that will guarantee the safety of all attendees in terms of COVID. 

Tickets are already available at

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