Morad and RVFV and their urban music join SOM

SOM Festival, and the announcement of Morad and RVFV for August 17th, widens the range of audiences for its concerts, this time aimed at a younger crowd: urban music followers, a music style booming in recent years.

Morad is the stage name of the Spanish rapper of Moroccan origin. He started singing at the age of 14 sharing his music with his friends recorded through WhatsApp. Little by little he has been growing until today and now has thousands of followers, views and listens on his social networks and digital platforms, surpassing even great established artists. A current benchmark in urban music.

RVFV (Rafael Ruiz) is an artist from La Chanca neighborhood of Almería, and at just 20 years of age he has become a musical phenomenon. His style is encompassed within urban music, and more specifically it can be said that in the afrotrap style (trap with African rhythms).

Som Festival is committed to the local scene of both emerging bands and DJs already consolidated in the city from its SOM Talent project, and for that same day includes the performances of 3 local DJs, Adry Bass, Elias Posh and Vitala, who will be in charge of animating the atmosphere from 8:00pm in the SOM FESTIVAL concert venue, located in the Real Club Náutico de Castellón.

Morad and RVFV add to those already announced: Manuel Carrasco on July 22nd, the stand-up artist Juan Amodeo on August 18th and El Barrio on August 19th. There are still more artists and activities to be confirmed in the coming days.

Tickets are on sale on

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